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Although the episode centered around dirty cops and priests who orchestrated a sex ring with underage girls, fans just wanted more of Tuckson — thanks shippers! RELATED: Olivia Benson exits the ‘Special Victims Unit,’ will Mariska Hargitay return?The two have also been added to the long list of TV characters, that have a long-awaited kiss looming over them.

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Benson seems to have everything else that she’s ever wanted, including career achievements and motherhood. ” As much as it is wanted, the notion seems highly unlikely that such a thing exists within the “Law & Order” franchise.

After all, the family life was a feat unto itself for former partners Elliot Stabler (Christopher Meloni) and Nick Amaro (Danny Pino).

Šajā saitā ir pavisam vienkārši atrast draugu, ar ko sarakstīties, satikties, romantikai vai pat mīlestībai uz visu atlikušo mūžu.

Norādi, ko tu vēlētos atrast, skatieties anketas, fotogrāfijas un – rakstiet vēstules!

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