Laws about dating teachers

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Education International, an organization of teachers unions from around the world, has encouraged its affiliates “to condemn such breaches of ethical standards clearly and publicly,” noting that zero-tolerance of these relationships is the only workable policy solution.

See: Education Int’l, Combating Sexual Harassment in Schools, 2005.

Parents may give gifts to the classroom or the school in accordance with the rules of the school district. A gift without retail value, such as a plate of cookies or other homemade food items, hand-picked flowers, handmade gifts, or other items worth less than $10, need not be disclosed, because a reasonable person would not think that a teacher would unduly show favor to the giver.

A teacher who receives such a gift must keep receipts documenting that the money was used for classroom supplies.: No, it is not correct. A gift that might create such an appearance of a conflict – for example, a $40 bottle of wine given to a teacher who is going to write a college recommendation for a student – must be disclosed, in writing, to the teacher’s appointing authority.

This highlights the fact that legislative language addressing harassment in the workplace, where consensual relationships are protected, cannot simply be transposed into the educational setting.


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