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Again, like Casanova, they tend to give their all when with a woman.

There is no holding back on the romance and love declarations. Just beware that what an Italian man would say after one date can sound like something an American man would say after fifty (when drunk and having watched a romantic comedy he actually liked in his slightly altered state). Chances are your Italian guy will not only give you his all in conversations, but also in bed. There’s truth to the stories about Italian men living at home till they get married and then moving two blocks away from their mother.

But, keep in mind, when we’re in the kitchen it’s best not to comment on how or what we’re cooking.

After all, we know best and, we’re not afraid to tell you so.3. You’ll never see an Italian woman looking like a rag doll, I can assure you of that.

While eating, Italians talk about their next meal and their previous meals. And whether or not a man is a foodie, more often than not, he does love to eat.


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    Communicating with a new dating partner is one of the most exciting experiences of a new relationship.