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Kenny Edwards was only trying to buy a few tins of chewing tobacco at an Oklahoma store, but within seconds he could see that he was unnerving the clerks behind the counter.

It was around 1946 in a state still in the grip of segregationist Jim Crow laws.

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Sheppard and his attorney Jovan Blacknell to go over some of the questions and comments regarding the video and the outcome of his trial in federal court.

We talked about whether or not private investigators should alert the local police department if they are on a stakeout, how he spoke to Deputy Plunkett in the video, whether or not he was playing to the camera, what was going on in his head when Deputy Plunkett pointed the gun at his head and more.

It takes five to seven years for farmed truffles to bear fruit.

As and when a dog finds one of the precious fungi here, the firm’s founders say it will be the first truffle ever cultivated in California, and the first “scientifically grown” truffle in the entire US.

Where temperatures of -50 weren’t unknown, where grain farmers toiled atop an ocean of undiscovered oil and where, among the sea of Ukrainian, German and Scandivanian homesteaders who populated Northern Alberta, his all-black hometown had a near-mythical cachet.