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She has enough competition with Cydney Bernard, Jodie’s ex who shares in the parenting and custodial responsibilities 50/50.

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She went on to have a very successful career in her early teens with leading roles in the Disney films Freaky Friday (1976) with Barbara Harris and Candleshoe (1977) opposite veteran film legends David Niven and Helen Hayes.

The last film she made during this era was the coming-of-age drama Foxes (1980), before enrolling at Yale University.

We have already told you that Jodie seems to be fairly naïve when it comes to relationships and it’s usually her friend’s that need to point out obvious problems that those rose colored glasses prevent her from seeing.

Everyone up to and including Ellen De Generes warned her about marrying Alexandra and I suspect she’s now starting to understand why.

During her freshman year at Yale, she was attached to a worldwide scandal when a crazed and obsessed fan named John Hinckley shot President Ronald Reagan to impress her.


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    Initially there were two medals awarded, both for the most important discovery within the year previous, a time period which was lengthened to five years and then shortened to three.

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    It as at this stage that us women feel hurt slightly and feel the need to move closer towards the male, we may even chase them determined to find out what the problem is.

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    With up to 6 restaurants to choose from on each ship—some even offering succulent lobster dishes or an upscale supper club atmosphere—it won't be hard to find an eatery that satisfies your appetite.

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    The wilful car soon takes over Douglas’s life, causing him endless frustrations and provoking outbursts of impotent rage.