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But all stories were to the viewers very believable which made them want to tune in everyday to see what their “Soap Family” was going to do next.

Y&R success was due in part to Executive Producer Edward Scott (Melody Thomas Scott’s husband) – he had a 25 year partnership with William J. Y&R has held its own even at the peak of soap mania when there were up to 11 soaps on daytime and Edward J. In 2000 alone, Y&R received 28 Emmy Award nominations. Following Edward Scott’s departure Y&R hired William J Bell JR’s wife Marena Bell in 2007 and she was named Head Writer in 2008, co-executive producer in 2009. Ratings started plumenting after Edward Scott left, the story lines became unbelievable and lots of veteran actors and actresses were exiting.

In JACK AND JILL, Adam Sandler plays twins, a boy and a girl, who come into conflict when the twin sister, Jill, comes to visit Jack’s family for Thanksgiving and stays until New Years.

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As always, Jack is irritated by the upcoming Thanksgiving visit of his sister.

Jill ruins Thanksgiving dinner by loudly embarrassing a homeless guest.

When very ugly Jill, who’s single, lonely, and in her forties, comes to visit her twin brother’s family at Thanksgiving in Los Angeles, it’s supposed to be for four days.

Complications repeatedly ensue, dragging her visit all the way through a New Year’s week cruise with Jack’s family. Jack tries to put up with her presence because he needs to get Al Pacino to act in a Dunkin’ Donuts ad for his company, and Pacino is surprisingly smitten with Jill.

Ultimately, Jill learns to value herself through the attentions of Pacino and Jack’s Mexican gardener, Felipe.


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