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He very kindly presented me with a 1981 bottle of Calvados which his grandfather had made, a gift to which his mother consented willingly. Hi Reg, The vicar of St Augustine's, the Reverend Father David Austin, has been delving into the parish archives and found a few interesting items referring to the parish's previously unsuspected close associations with HMSO.

I am off to Lannion at the end of the month, just after my 95th., for our biennial twinning visit. Alan Cole and I often reminisce about the good times - especially the occasional night in Bristol in the 1970s-80s. One mentions that the incumbent of St Augustine's was appointed chaplain to HMSO. Also, most intriguingly, that St Augustine's Church Hall was designated a bomb shelter for HMSO staff.

The current state of the rendering can even be written to a file, so that the computer (or even another computer) can continue rendering at a later moment.

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He seemed so timeless and though it is many years since we last met I still feel that I will miss him. Glad to say all well at this end - just recovering from the latest Normandy pilgrimage.