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After hours inquiries can be made at 1-844-466-1453.Thank you for seeing the value in local journalism! You’ve reached the limit of free articles on our site this month. Examines science from a variety of feminist viewpoints in order to explore how science influences everyday life. Critical thinking about how law defines citizenship, political representation, and democracy, focusing on the history of legal reform undertaken in the name of women as a social group.

Produced by Angus Leslie, Gareth Thomson and Lewis Moody Recorded by Angus Leslie, Gareth Thomson & Lewis Moody at Tonay Studios Piano, Synthesizers and Hammond Organ Recorded by Jonno Steer at Soundpark Studios Lead and Background Vocals Recorded by Becki Whitton at Jack The Bear's Deluxe Mastering Mixed by Jean-Paul Fung Mastered by Adam Dempsey at Jack the Bear's Deluxe Mastering Artwork by Sean Wyers See tracks for individual credits.

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An investigation of gender, race, and sexuality in film, TV, video, music, and advertising, with attention to the ways that popular culture shapes understandings of technology, national identities, leisure and work, historical memory, international communication, and multicultural representation.

Special attention is given to the ways science shapes our understanding of gender, race, and sexuality.

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