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The common sets of laws, the institutions - and deeper still, the values – which bind us together are buckling. Walls – which tormented previous generations, and have never yielded any sustainable solution to any problem – are returning.And suffering most from this onslaught are our fellow human beings – your people – who bear the brunt of the resulting deprivation, misery, injustice, and bloodshed. Barriers of suspicion are rising, snaking through and between our societies – and they are killers.

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I've been using Drupal for several years, but only just dipping a toe in with Drush - I've bought an ebook tutorial and working my way through.

I've installed Composer, and used it to install Drush.

It is useful for hacking a large projects which contain many sub-directories, many It runs in UNIX (POSIX) compatible operating system, like GNU and BSD.

GNU GLOBAL is part of the GNU project, and is free software.

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