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He is known for his roles on the television series films, as Spock. His father, Joseph John Quinto, was born in Pennsylvania, to Italian parents. Lucia was the daughter of Zaccaria Cafolla and Filomena Di Trocchio.

Zachary’s paternal grandmother was Maria/Mary Palma/Palmina Marrocco (the daughter of Arcangelo Marrocco and Luiggia Stravata).

Sources said Gilroy’s CAA reps are shopping the untitled film and that multiple buyers are swirling.

Gilroy went from vet screenwriter to a remarkable directorial debut on the pitch black Nightcrawler, with Gyllenhaal playing the sociopath cameraman and Russo the local news producer who sells her soul for ratings.

Margaret was born in West Virginia, to Irish parents. Corrigan (the daughter of Patrick William Corrigan and Margaret Markey). Even they claimed that he is jewish Log in to Reply There is not something like looking hispanic. There are many people like him in all hispanic countries .

Patrick was born in Pennsylvania, the son of Patrick Corrigan and Bridget, who were born in Scotland, likely of Irish descent. Census – https://Obituary of Zachary’s maternal great-grandfather, Peter Joseph Mc Ardle – maternal grandmother, Margaret J. Also, according to the steorotype, if he looks very Italian, he can look from Spain, the most hispanic country of the word.

Bim, the pampered daughter of eccentric Nigerian tycoon Antonio Deinde Fernandez, got generous treatment in today’s edition of The New York Post in a story entitled ‘Meet the Nigerian heiress who wants to be the next Rihanna’ reproduced below.