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I cheat for pleasure, love the rough stuff, having my hair pulled and really love a cheerleader. Anyways, I hope to meet some new people and make friends again. The picture isn't me, but it's fairly close.My hair is a little bit darker and a little bit shorter now..every so often I DO wear a bow tie and like to dress up in a dress shirt and suspenders. I like to tease, especially the men at work, but doing it here is much more fun as you can't report me to HR.

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It's better than the anime pic I had up before, right? Hello everyone I'm a single AA female college student living in the state of Texas. Oh and if you do message me, you may not get the answer you were expecting as Teen Dick has found out. Im here to have a nice naughty conversation with someone that can write more then a 3 word sentence and can make up/follow a story line.

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