Fear of intimacy and dating maggie gyllenhaal dating

Fear of intimacy has three defining features: content which represents the ability to communicate personal information, emotional valence which refers to the feelings about personal information exchanged, and vulnerability signifying their regard for the person they are intimate with.

Bartholomew and Horowitz go further and determine four different adult attachment types: “(1) Secure individuals have a sense of worthiness or lovability and are comfortable with intimacy and autonomy; (2) preoccupied persons lack this sense of self-worthiness yet view others positively and seek their love and acceptance; (3) fearful people lack a sense of lovability and are avoidant of others in anticipation of rejection; (4) dismissing persons feel worthy of love yet detach from others whom they generally regard as untrustworthy”.

There are lots of reasons for people to keep their guard up: People like this are convinced that to be seen as they really are virtually guarantees swift rejection.

They are sure they aren’t attractive or interesting or worthy of attention.

All you have is two self-centered people seeking self-satisfaction.