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As usual, I’ll be covering not just what to look for but also why – what’s the motivation for being fake on Linked In? If you think someone’s profile pic has a stock image quality or if you think it doesn’t fit with the rest of the information on the profile, I recommend you do a reverse image search using Tin Eye ().

Here are 3 fake profiles that tried (and failed) to connect with me. HOW TO SPOT FAKE PROFILES Most fake Linked In Profiles share the same characteristics: (1) Fake profile photo. If your hunch is right, you’ll see where else on the web that image has been used.

Tin Eye has a handy Chrome extension and Amit Agarwal has created a wrapper of Google Image Search which works on mobile devices.

Amit’s tool ( lets you perform a reverse image search from your phone, you’ll initially have to save the image you want to search on your i OS or Android device before you probe. They’ll choose names which either sound bland or repetitive (“Jim Jackson”) or have weird spelling i.e “Deryk”.

The publication she claimed to write for didn’t exist.