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The above shared file shows on opening (having the above listed Excel options) 2 warnings - in the order of appearance: WARNING #1 After click on 's) So far so good, we finally go to Now I'll try all possible options step by step to make the picture clear. We spent a good hour with Sid that morning trying to figure out the case.I'll share only relevant lines of code for simplicity (complete sample file with code will be shared in the end). So, will the above code suppress all warnings for any Excel version and makes links updated silently? Sorry, I'm a bit lost in options, but hope I explained all correctly)@sigil: Without seeing your workbook, i won't be able to comment further.

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We'll perform some more investigations and get back with working solution - I hope so) Now try Siddharth Rout's answer.s. Hope my investigations and thoroughly described testing steps were helpful not only for me) Sample file with the above code samples is shared (many lines are commented deliberately): https:// Warnings Original answer (tested for Excel 2007 with certain options): This code works fine for me - it loops through ALL Excel files specified using wildcards in the Sub Workbook Opening2007() Dim Input Folder As String Dim Loop File Name Ext As String Input Folder = "D:\DOCUMENTS\" 'Trailing "\" is required! ") Do While Loop File Name Ext @Siddharth Rout Sid I swear I don't see them: I have a file with such links and see the warning while open it manually. Remember to reset it when you close the workbook else it will not work for other workbooks as well.

First of all, I performed a clean Office 2010 x86 install on Clean Win7 SP1 Ultimate x64 virtual machine powered by VMWare (this is usual routine for my everyday testing tasks, so I have many of them deployed). With the above script - no warnings) May share video for you))) Excel 2007 - just in case. Screen Shot: EDIT So applying it to your code, your code will look like this Option Explicit Sub Sample() get Workbook "c:\Sample1.xlsx" End Sub Function get Workbook(bk Path As String) As Workbook Application.

Check out I'm using Excel 2010 and have a "data workbook" linked to a "timesheet workbook".

To limit what is changed in the timesheets, data is inputted into the data workbook by admin and then the timesheets are updated with new information to stop anyone altering the timesheet.

If that file is referenced in a formula, its name is enclosed in square brackets, so I used the Find command to look for those.