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We are bombarded with the idea that we can only find romantic sexual love with one person, our soul-mate.

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It can also be a problem because the move from being friends to being more leads to an expectation of eventually having sex with that person, moving in together, maybe having kids and so on.

Polyamory means acknowledging that human relationships can be much more diverse and don't always fit the default pattern.

The term polyamory instead means "many loves" and the relationship aspect in this type of lifestyle does not mean that marriage exists, but instead the person has some form of a serious relationship with a number of people at the one time.

This can, therefore, mean that they may date one person whilst living with another, but there is no sense of any formal certificates or paperwork that show they are in some kind of a serious relationship with anybody.

It is also worth pointing out that whilst polygamy is often linked to religion, the same cannot be said about polyamory.


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