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Thieves on a moped rode up to a couple as they made their way home from a family get-together and sped off with a handbag full of items valued at more than £1,000.

Ian Boswell, 42, and Karen Lane, 52, were walking down Parrock Road towards South Hill Road in Gravesend at around 11pm when it happened, with hundreds of pounds of valuables and almost £500 of cash stolen.

“Before I had even turned and said to Karen they’d taken her handbag, they had gone. “When it happened it wasn’t scary because it happened so quickly, it was more ‘did that just happen?

’ It was the next day that it started to sink in, really.” It happened on Sunday night.

“But it will be noticeable to those attending with the bag searches and people being patted down, which is the sort of things people have come to accept in the current climate.” Mr Withers says strengthening security measures has pushed up the cost of holding the free festival to about £30,000 - almost double last year.


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