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Like this nice young gentleman, who I imagine believes that some woman might respond to this: Luckily, one feature of PUAs is that they always reveal themselves.

They get caught in their own web of lies, or they use the same tactic one too many times, or they just forget that most women do know how to read and may have perused The Game themselves and gotten hip to the neg.


which is a compliment of sorts, though keep in mind, you’re not in kansas anymore. just look in the mirror to find the answer: another narcissist.

The sublime, ironic beauty of negs is that they rarely make any sense — either because the PUA is intentionally trying to confuse you, or, more commonly, because the PUA community is basically a national fraternity for the feeble-minded, so you are very possibly talking to a moron.

Okay, so that just may be one of the weirdest analogies that I've ever made but it's still true.

What better way is there to get your love interest's attention than by using strategic pick up lines?

Just how do you get a young lady (or gentleman) to take a chance on you, anyway?