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"We've just left the UK because, despite a really good salary, we simply couldn't make ends meet. "I got tired of trying to make a life elsewhere when all I wanted to do was come home," she continued.

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Stock photo: Paul O'Connell / Getty At least 21,100 people with Irish nationality came into the country in this period - up 74pc on last year, when 12,100 arrived.

Overall, 79,300 people came to live in Ireland over the year to the end of April - up 15pc - while 76,200 left.

Carol Swann said she "never wanted her sons to leave Ireland" and she knows they have no intention of ever returning to live on the Emerald Isle.

"My sons left for Australia last March and have no intentions of ever living in Ireland again only to visit me their mother and brothers here," she wrote online.

Scenes are also being shot at London’s Pinewood Studios next month.