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For many centuries people of the East and the West were connected by a trading route stretching from South-East Asia to the countries of the Mediterranean Sea and area called “A Silk Road” (Seidenstrasse) by German geographer and geologist of the 19 century Ferdinand von Richthofen.Silk was the major commodity during those dangerous travels along steppes, deserts and mountainous paths.Contract Offerabout rendering services of selling Travel / carriage documents in passenger traffic through the Public joint stock company “Ukrainian railway” (abbreviated name – JSC "Ukrzaliznytsia", hereinafter referred to as Executor and Carrier), which operates on the basis of the Statute, publishes this Agreement of public offer about rendering services to individuals acceding to the terms of the Agreement in order to issue services in registration / return travel / transportation documents in passenger transport and related services through the Site of JSC "Ukrzaliznytsia" (hereinafter - Agreement).

642 of the Civil Code) is considered to be an acceptance of this Agreement between the Customer and the Contractor and certifies the fact of its detention. Definition of terms and general provisions Services - provided by the Contractor possibility of registration / return of TTD / ETD/ related services provided on the Site, and other consulting and information services.

Travel / transportation document (TTD) - standard document certifying the right to travel by rail or carry luggage.

Some older Canon lenses are stamped with a manufacturing code consisting of two letters and (typically) four numbers.

Before 1986, the code may be in a letter/4 digit/letter format The first letter indicates the manufacturing site: U = Utsunomiya, F = Fukushima, O = Oita The second letter is the year the lens was made So the UC1204 Canon Date code would indicate a lens made at Utsunomiya in December 1988 The date codes restarted at 'A' again in 2012.

Order form - a document provided to the Customer as a result of successful registration and payment of TTD and related services on the web site and contains complete information about the upcoming trip (last name and the name of the passenger, station of departure / destination, date of departure / arrival, train, carriage, place etc.) and a unique number.


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