Dating the birth of jesus and astronomy

If so, what is there we should know beyond just the correct date?

Nearly a century has passed since his book appeared, and in that time it has become practically axiomatic among Latter-day Saints that Jesus was born on April 6 in that year. Using the known date of Herod the Great's death, information from the Book of Mormon about the length of Jesus's life, technical details about the Jewish lunar-solar calendar, the timing of the Annunciation to Mary, and other historical data, Chadwick narrows the window of time in which the Savior would have been born to December of 5 BC.

The author is careful to deal with statements made by latter-day prophets supporting the April 6, 1 BC, date first proposed by Elder Talmage.

The star leads them to Jesus' home in the town, where they worship him and give him gifts.

The wise men are then given a divine warning not to return to Herod so they return home by a different route.

The apostle John wrote the book as an old man while in exile on the island of Patmos.


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