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The career opportunities in data science, big data, and analytics are growing dramatically.

These are among the most sought-after jobs in the tech world today.

Here he reviews the history of data science and analytics, explores which markets are using big data the most, and reveals the five main skills areas: data mining, machine learning, natural language processing (NLP), statistics, and visualization.

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Facebook is a social site, and probably one of the greatest places to meet new people. Of course, a man can be unfaithful with any woman on the planet; however, there are specific women who are more tempting to pursue.

With seemingly endless demands on personal time, there seems to be less time for people to devote to such things as finding a significant other.

How many times have you been disappointed by Tinder or Happn?

Have you used Guardian Soulmates and found out that there’s no one within less than 90km near your location?

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