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Did you think this was going to be a guide to finding the man/woman of your dreams? If you ask any HRM software vendor or BPO provider if their software is effective-dated, the universal response will be yes. Even the sorriest HRM software allows for the effective-dating of SOME data changes.But when I ask if software is effective-dated, this post describes the standard against which I’m measuring not only the vendor/provider’s answers but also what I’m checking out via deep software dives. I’m expecting to find systemic and easily used effective dating for all platform components, i.e.I am having a lot of trouble working on this program.

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The Nuances With the basics covered, there are many more aspects to effective-dating that must be addressed: Don’t take my word for this. And do give me your comments on who’s doing a great job on this — and who’s NOT.

* When you see an HRM concept in all capital letters, this is a reference to one of the major object classes from my domain model “starter kit.” With more vendors/providers using the “starter kit,” I thought I would begin using that formal terminology, where appropriate, to link the content of my posts to their work in modeling the domain for fun and profit.

It's a PHP/My SQL program that makes operating an online dating site fast and affordable.

The software is simple-to-configure and incredibly easy-to-use.

The basic file structure used by Analyst is the BINX file.


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