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Prospectors, living up to their name, also took notice of the many iron and manganese-stained outcrops of veins that cut across the hill, putting down prospect holes to test for the lode source of the placer gold.

They found little gold, but got tantalizing assays of silver, frustrating because the remote area offered little hope of working those ores.

A federal judge has cleared the way for yet another group of lawsuits demanding the financially-troubled state of Illinois be forced to more promptly process and pay Medicaid claims, saying federal law allows Medicaid recipients and, by extension, health care agencies to sue the state for failing to abide federal law requiring the payment of Medicaid claims “with reasonable promptness.” On June 7, U. The lawsuits all name Felicia Norwood, director of the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services, as a defendant, in her official capacity.

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In response, the IDHFS, represented by Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan’s office, argued the plaintiffs – and particularly, the nursing homes and other institutional plaintiffs – lacked the ability under the law and the Constitution to sue the state over this issue.