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You know that if you click ' More search tools' on the sidebar on the Google search results page it will let you search for articles in the last day/week/month/year?

Though in many cases it looks to me like the dates in question are 'when Google crawled it' rather than 'when it was created' it does seem to work really well with blog posts.) would be relevant here as, as far as I'm lead to believe, the date of this is the date associated with the resource.

Not that it helps filtering out the old crap out of search results (especially since the people at #1 with their 2002 articles have zero incentive to change), but I'd just like to do my part : P That's a bloody good question, and I don't know the answer, but it'd be excellent if there was an existing or emerging "standard", perhaps using some extant microformat, that search engines and other content portals could intercept and display to help end users make better decisions about content.

For example: Don’t feel left out, ladies — there are some righteous dudes on the site, too: Now, I admit: my initial assessment of the site may be unfair.

After all, there are crazy people on every dating site (save for Christian Mingle — the singles on that site are pure sex).

After a bit of chatting, we found out we were in thernsame city!

I don’t think Metalhead Dating is exactly a new idea — there’s already Metal Dating and Heavy Metal Dating, for starters — but it is, as far as I can tell, the first one to charge money for its service: it’s about $32 for a three-month subscription.

But I searched through a good ten pages of woman and five pages of men, and these were pretty much the cream of the crop.