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We’ve listed our top 25 things to do in Edinburgh before you die, and now we’re expanding our horizons to Glasgow.

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Have you ever yearned for space and light in which to flourish and prosper?

Then the Old Town of Edinburgh knows just how you feel.

The latter is the most picturesque, nestled in a2 Head to The Meadows with an air rifle and take aim at anyone playing bongos, in homage to one of our favourite fictional Edinburgh residents, Sick Boy (or avoid criminal charges by just taking a picnic and a bottle of wine and scowling at them disdainfully) – gorgeous in spring when the cherry blossoms are in full bloom, but best in summer when it’s warm enough to lose a whole day there.3 The Penguin Parade at Edinburgh Zoo is a much-loved institution, and if you’re in need of a smile, one that takes some beating – there’s something about the little tuxedo-ed participants that never fails to raise one.

The penguins take their stroll every day at 2.15pm, although as the zoo points out, their participation is on a strictly voluntary basis, and no penguin is forced to promenade.4 Take a twilight ride on the Ferris wheel at the Christmas Market in Princes Street Gardens, ice skate under the stars with the icy blue-lit castle and the trees bedecked in fairy lights above you, then warm up with Glühwein, egg nog and freshly-fried doughnuts.

Tell us your essential Glasgow experiences and check back on the site next week to see if yours made the cut.


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