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I know this is completely random and probably doesn't help, but if you could help me, I would greatly appreciate it, as it's been driving me nuts! Shannaroo Hi, You are thinking of Maria Mena's song "You're the Only One." The song is No. I distinctly remember last year's Super Bowl halftime show where they introduced Mariah Carey as "the biggest selling female recording artist in history".

30 this week on Billboard's Mainstream Top 40 chart and No. The singer is currently on the Teen People Rock N' Shop Mall Tour, which next plays July 17 at the Mall of America in Minneapolis. album, "White Turns Blue," will be released July 20 by Columbia. Hi Keith, I must say that I have always admired how you are able to answer some of the most ridiculous questions that people can come up with. I have also heard that she has sold over 120 million albums, definitely beating out Celine Dion. Just because she had a bad movie, an even worse soundtrack album and a nervous breakdown doesn't mean that Mariah is gone.

Unhealthy Relationships, bystander intervention in the areas of dating violence & sexual assault, sexual violence 101, stalking 101, etc.

THE ONLY ONEKeith, I heard a song on the radio last week and again on Tuesday's (June 29) episode of "Blow Out" on Bravo and would like to find out who sings it.

Business was conducted mainly on credit, and when a customer paid his bill, he always received a free sack of candy whether it be licorice, hard candy, or cinnamon drops at the local general store.


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