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Most people I spoke to who had lived The Filipino Comfort Room (CR) Australian slang has so many words for that room with a toilet in it. Sometimes they are sincere, and other Posted in Cultural Problems and Misunderstandings Tagged with: australia, australian, australian filipina, borrow money, borrowing money, conscience, filipino, hiya, loaning money, loans, philippines, sick carabao The times they are a’changing, of course. And it’s really important that you understand this if you’re I admit that sometimes I get a little frustrated with the locals here. (Follow the link to the Wordpress BLOG page, and click the "FOLLOW" button in the bottom right-hand side.

Facebook and access to the internet has exposed the Philippines to changing moral values, yet Filipina girls are mostly still old fashioned romantics at heart. Be sure to confirm the subscription via the email you will receive.

A lot of foreigners come to find a Filipina to love and care for them. we know a lot of foreigners come to take advantage of Filipina girls (that hurts me to, it is sick and I dream of the day that changes). In some cases people will be so vocal about it, that it can be uncomfortable.

I understand that it would be common to assume that I would be here due to a Filipina. I will always take time to respond to people who make those comments in a positive way.

Now I’d like to share with you a very common conversation I have. It is safe to say that I have interacted with a lot of everyday Filipinos and Filipinas. While looking at the vegetables a few of the vendors said in Bisaya… Again I have nothing wrong with why individuals think that way, because again, yes lots of foreigners who are here do have girlfriends, or wives.