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In der herrlichen Innenarchitektur des Zwingers, immer mit Blick auf die barocke Kulisse des Zwingerhofes, werden heute die schönsten der 20.000 erhaltenen Stücke präsentiert. Auch die Entwicklung des Meissener Porzellans von der Erfindung im Jahre 1708 bis zum späten 18.

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August the Strong (1670-1733) was passionate about porcelain.

It is to his "maladie de porcelaine", as he himself called his obsession with the "white gold", that Dresden owes its unique collection.

Trump's late triumph in the fight to wrest back his brand for construction services could prove to be the first of many intellectual property victories in China during his presidency.

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The development of Meissen porcelain from its invention in the year 1708 until the late 18th century is also illustrated by works of supreme craftsmanship.