Dating dimitri

He has decided that he needs to spend more time getting to know women without making a decision about them as potential wives.

Since he made that decision, Dimitri has noticed a change in his relationships. He's dated them about a dozen times apiece and then they've made a mutual decision to part.

The exes have been battling in court for two years. The basis of Dimitri’s suit being that, despite Camille going to police and providing photographs of the alleged domestic violence, charges were never filed against him due to lack of evidence.

Furthermore he accused Camille of fabricating her allegations because she believed he was cheating on her.

Dimitri accused Camille of lying to police by reporting that he violated a restraining order against her. In January of last year, a Texas judge denied Camille’s request to have Dimitri’s suit dismissed because he was able to provide evidence that Camille was communicating with tabloid journalists to provide details about his alleged assault against her.