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Belleek differs from English pottery such as Staffordshire pottery, Royal Doulton, and the like.

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The Craft The Belleek touring exhibition, currently showing at Armagh County Museum, is the first event in an outreach programme of exhibitions and lectures, funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund that will allow the Ulster Museum to continue its work during the refurbishment of its building at Botanic Gardens in Belfast. singled out some of the objects on display at the opening of the exhibition: a pair of kidney shaped earthenware plates dated October 8, 1868, hand painted by William Patterson, founder of the Belfast Naturalist Field Club whose members visited Belleek soon after the factory opened in 1857.

A plaque commissioned as a wedding present for Isabelle Hamilton depicts Glengarriffe Cove in Co Cork, a scene painted by Eugene Sherrin.

Once technical problems had been overcome the factory began to make mostly slip cast porcelain in a vast array of unglazed and glazed, enamelled and gilded wares.

The Belleek Pottery mark their wares with the emblem of a harp, round tower and Irish hound.

By 1865 prestigious orders for centrepieces, tableware, mirrors and other fine objects were being received from Queen Victoria and the Prince of Wales who prized the Parian china for its delicate translucency and the intricacy of its designs.


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