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It is a subject of enduring interest and debate, well served by the eclectic mix of readable essays in this neatly designed volume.

Contributions range from how a medieval psalter (book of psalms) might have resonated with the catholic Queen Mary I of England as she attempted to reverse the English protestant Reformation, to efforts by war-time Nazis to ‘prove’ Germany’s racial superiority by references to its medieval past.

In 1793 even its spire was taken down so that the royal emblems it displayed could be removed. In 1803 approximately two metre’s worth of glass from the lower portions of the windows was removed to facilitate the chapel’s use as a judicial archive.

Serious restoration of the windows did not begin until 1848 (finished 1855) and was – at the time – trumpeted as representing the most well researched and accurate restoration ever undertaken.

Despite continuing to work with his original palette of burnt orange tones and deep, fiery reds, the additional seven canvases find Allen carving out new figures as both planes and volumes, allowing him to play with the portrayal of light and shadow.