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Once you get past the initial hurdle of meeting someone and then getting to know him, the hard part comes — especially if you are ready to get serious. It takes an intimate knowledge of yourself, your needs, wants and desires. So why can't getting what you want in a relationship be as simple as that? Know What You Want Before we can require someone's best, we must be our best.

You are developing feelings for him and you are anxious to know if those feelings are mutual. If you are truly ready to commit and you think he is too, one of the best ways to find out is to order a pizza. Making your needs known to the man you desire is just that easy. 1) We know what we want, 2) we ask for it (can I get goat cheese and broccoli on half and the other half meat lovers??? As an older woman you have had plenty of time to work on you.

In a recent Woman's Hour programme on first date etiquette, spaghetti, oysters and lobster were just some of the foods described as deal breakers.

Men were suspicious of women who ordered salad ("heavy interaction might take place with the fridge later on") or displayed overt greed ("if she flies at the food, she might fly at other things").

I have been single since my kid was 18 months old (She is now six).