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From the Americans, the looks say, Not to appear religiously devout, which will only add to the attention, I peer into my carry-on bag and rummage through it as if looking for a lost Lifesaver. "Ah now, there's no need to be getting down on the one knee," I hear in an Irish accent. Standing in front of one massive blotch of dark grey, the weatherman mumbled quickly, nearly inaudibly, about "the unsettled stuff" and "tunderry showers." He said they might cause "one or two problems." He did not detail these problems, nor drill down into the miserable metrics, which his foaming-at-the-mouth American counterpart would have already trademarked Instead, Martin gave us an adorable smile-wink and showed us a viewer sent-in photo of a daisy head.

I look up to see a large man standing a few feet to my side. He flashes an approving smile from several feet above and says, "Of course I'll marry you." I want to dive into my bag as numerous heads turn, but instead, my mouth forms a momentary, shy grin. The next photo was a meadow of tall, sun-dappled grass.

I have a good sense of humour and am happy, out going, friendly and intelligent most of the time ¿¿ im always up for a laugh and am friendly and reliable.

I'm looking for a friend with common vales and shared interests hopefully leading to a meaningful relationship.

But having lived in Edinburgh, I can confirm that literally everyone who lives there is English - possibly because they've all moved up north in search of sexy, bare-chested Scottish men with beards, skirts and no underwear, drinking whisky from the bottle and yelling about socio-political oppression.

The most common first date in Scotland is going to a batter-your-own-dinner bar, of which there are several hundred across the country. It's a mysterious country, swathed in Celtic mists, chest hair and unpronounceable names, where sheep roam free and songs echo across the rugged valleys.

Yet Irish men and women do have distinctive traits and qualities to be admired.


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