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A 25-year-old St Catherine resident pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting and impregnating a 12-year-old girl.

He is Christopher Robertson, a labourer of Polly Ground, Ewarton, St Catherine.

Several of my mix-race friends daddies are either Nigerian or Ghanaian. While more and more African men moving to GB date non BW, most do prefer to stay with BW, WI men on the other hand, big difference. LMBOThe white woman answered: Yes, there is a lot to that.

IR with BM/WW is high in GB,though now also WM/BW which I am seeing more and more on a daily basis. Most WW who date BM do see them as inferior but have an ego that requires that they rescue others (a typical need in people who hate themselves).

There are two types, the African and then the Caribbeans.


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