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The challenge was free and prizes would be given to businesses with the most bike-active staff.

"It's all about participation and all employers have to do is sign up teams and motivate their staff to get out and ride for at least ten minutes a day," she said.

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Holistic expert Richard Brook of Creative Yoga London has set up a range of speed dating Yoga events for you to connect with yourself and, er, others.

Prepare to rotate between partners to get acquainted before enjoying a deep relaxation at the end – and don’t fret non-yoga-bunnies, the class is suitable for everyone! Now’s your time to fall head over handle bars at a Cycle Speed Dating event.

A few days after the event we’ll be in touch with your matches. Please note tickets are not refundable and we have the right to cancel the event at any time in which case you will receive a refund.

During this event, men get to date women and women get to date men. It’s great to go on a speed dating session with a group of friends. Everyone attending the event needs to hold a ticket. We’ll send you an email with all details a few days before the event. Under some circumstances we can refund your ticket, but in general we can’t, sorry! This way you can meet about 12-16 people with similar interests in one evening.

Sometimes those three minutes were enough, sometimes too much.