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Instead, their texts will be at the receiving end of some impressive clapbacks that attempt to ward off boys by telling them that you're behind the Russian hacking, asking them their favourite font and even requesting that they donate to Planned Parenthood, just for starters.

Cue us doing this: While it harks back to Jonah and Chelsea Perretti’s Rejection Hotline from 2002, it has definitely updated the game and proves that not much has changed. Ali was listening to friends discussing some of the more disgusting and aggressive messages they have received from men, and wanted to help them back off in a hilarious way. So far, Ali has said that the messages he's received back from guys have been 50% angry and 50% sad which sounds about right.

An open world role playing game based in the American civil war era. Explore a fast and full world of many adventures and surprises.

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Researchers tracked over 400 kills and found that only two took place in developed areas.

Females, on the other hand, surprised researchers by hunting much farther from these wooded areas and closer to development.

While annoyingly it's only available in the States so far, their website does track some of the best responses they've received and they are beyond anything we could have ever imaged.

Los Angeles is the second largest metropolitan area in the US, but it's retained some of its natural wild side.

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