Comcast dating on demand

Rest Easy: A Comcast exec said the "usual usage" of monthly service by a customer is 8 to 10 GB."There are very few customers who come even close to the 250 GB cap." Still, the company wants to assure customers that they should never feel restricted in their activities.So the latter HD scenario works out to about two long movies a day, every day. The free version of Pandora running at 64 kbps could easily run all day and all night - delivering 10,950 hours of music per 300 GB.

Service now will start with a minimum 300 GB of data per month. Video Galore: Even Netflix - which has been crying foul over Comcast's non-metering of its own movie streaming service on the Xbox 360 - might have trouble grumbling over the 300 GB allowance and upgradability ("probably" in blocks of 50GB priced at $10.) If you watch standard definition Netflix movies at the "Good Quality" setting (adjustable in each app's Video Settings) that 300 GB translates to 1000 hours of viewing.

If set to stream in "Best Quality," Netflix will deliver 300 hours of movies and TV shows in standard definition or 130 Hours in High Definition.

Dating on Demand ( offers Comcast Digital Cable customers with VOD the opportunity to view video profiles of single men and women at any time, from the comfort and convenience of their own home.

Comcast is partnering with Hurry Date, a leading online and "rapid dating" events company, to help connect singles.

Here’s Vanessa Bayer’s 2007 video from Comcast Chicago’s Dating on Demand. Do people actually look for people to date via their cable box?