Chicago dating russian

How would he fit in since he didn't know the language?

The driver was Andrew Aksyonov, a Russian-born Chicago resident who lives in Lincoln Park, with his wife, Yulia Mikhaylova, and their two children. Petersburg was Panarin's Kontinental Hockey League team in Russia before he joined the Hawks.

You will notice a lot less Asians in Chicago as compared with New York. However, Downtown hotels are not cheap, starting at $100 per night.

O’Hara International Airport and Midway Airport (more like a bus station) are the two main airports.

Aksyonov and Panarin had prearranged a strategy to spot each other at O'Hare, given Panarin's difficulty with English and the challenge of getting a Russian cellphone to work on American soil. To get started in his new world, Panarin searched for something familiar from his old world."It worked," Aksyonov said.