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But behind the party-loving image is an ambitious career girl who fulfilled her dream of becoming a lawyer - sparked by watching A Few Good Men as a child - to clinch a highly-competitive place at Allen & Overy in London when she was 27.During their eight-month relationship, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have already welcomed in the New Year together, met each other's friends and family, been on holiday, and even picked out a Christmas tree together — so what other key moments can we expect to see this year?

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The 30-year-old dated the British royal between 20, and has admitted that she found the constant media attention she received during their romance "scary". Now it's calm, it's fine." The couple dated between 20 Harry and Chelsy first got to know each other during Harry's gap year in Cape Town, and Chelsy then returned to the UK to study at Leeds University and be closer to the prince.

Chelsy Davy has opened up about her seven year romance with Prince Harry Both Harry and Chelsy were wary of media intrusiveness during their relationship, and when they broke up in 2010, Chelsy said she retreated to her native Zimbabwe to handle the break-up away from the spotlight. Despite working hard for her law degree, and earning a job at an esteemed solicitor's firm, she was branded a 'party girl' by the media.

"It was nuts," Chelsy, who is also friends with royal Eugenie, said, referring to the press attention. Now it's calm, it's fine." Last year Chelsy returned to the public eye.

After quitting her law job she has since launched an ethical jewellery line.

The African-based jewellery company Aya, making pieces with gems mined in Zambia.


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