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New evidence has surfaced suggesting legendary pilot Amelia Earhart, long believed to have fatally crashed in the Pacific Ocean on her round-the-world flight, actually made it to land in the Marshall Islands in 1937.

An misfiled photograph was found in the , appears to be authentic and undoctored, according to independent analysts.

Here’s your new pre-date affirmation: “I have Tiger Blood. The other guys look like “droopy-eyed, armless” I don’t care how out of your league she seems, dude. You can’t blame anyone else when your date goes badly if you didn’t prepare. You should have know there’s certain blends you should never entertain. I think this just means, like, have a condom on you or something.

I am going to expose her to magic tonight.” Compared to you? From here on out you have one speed, you have one gear: GO. Any guy can take her to Applebees, man, but she’ll never forget the night that YOU took her to the “Animal Passion Meat House.” Just like The Sheen Dream turned lousy “tin can” scripts into “pure gold,” season after season, you can make any date spot EPIC just by BEING YOU.

He was seen with Jones on New Year's eve, reports eonline.