Chamique holdsclaw jennifer lacy dating

Chamique holdsclaw jennifer lacy dating

That day, Holdsclaw walked into a place where Lacy worked and asked to put something in her car.

When Lacy was driving home, she noticed her car was smoking and that Holdsclaw was following her.

Depression again affected Holdsclaw in 2004, when she was unable to leave her home for days after the death of the grandmother who raised her.

Chamique Holdsclaw’s ex-teammate and ex-lover Jennifer Lacy, by most accounts, lived a charmed but low key life in the Women’s National Basketball Association — that is, until that fateful day in November in Atlanta.

She was named one of the hottest WNBA players by the sports blog Bleacher Report, and since the news of the assault several celebrity and gossip blogs have linked to pictures of the 29-year-old player.