Cdc mandating h1n1 shot

Last winter just under two thirds (63.5 percent) of health care workers got a seasonal flu shot, according to an August report published by the U. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), even though universal vaccination of health care workers is supported by numerous scientific and medical groups.

Basically, every year the World Health Organization, in collaboration with the CDC and other health organizations throughout the world, has to make an educated guess which strains of influenza will be circulating the following winter.

Many months’ lead time is required because vaccine manufacturers require it to develop and test the new formulations and then to ramp up their manufacturing capabilities and distribute the vaccine.

In past seasons, when the predominant flu viruses have been antigenically different, there tends to be a decrease in the vaccine’s effectiveness, the agency said in an advisory to doctors.

“However, vaccination has been found to provide some protection against drifted viruses.

Fever occurs in five to ten per cent of children vaccinated, and feeling tired or muscle pains may occur as well.


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