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I noticed a lone man on the next table who looked nice, though I instantly saw he was not my type.We didn’t laugh much either, which I think is important as it creates chemistry.

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Divorced with one daughter, 55-year-old Susan is a freelance hair stylist who lives in Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire. He works mainly as a support artist for TV, and also as a painter and decorator. And he’s not very sporty, which is a big thing for me.

Then the waitress came over and said there’d been a mix up — that was my date! Even though I soon knew he wasn’t for me, I wanted to make an effort — and did ask most of the questions. I love holidays and go twice a year, and he hasn’t had one since 2008.

Did you know that there really is a “proper way” to taste chocolate?

Do you know what the different % of Cacao on those fancy chocolate bars even means?

I didn’t feel there was a spark, but Ray is easy to talk to, and I had a lovely evening.