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Phone Call logs appear in the Phone application and show the status of recent calls by displaying a missed call indicator, a placed call indicator, or a received call indicator.

A call log also includes the date of the call, the phone number, and the estimated duration of the call. Press the Menu key and select “Options” followed by “Call Logs and Lists” 3.

The Black Berry Bold 9000 was the first Black Berry to have Wi-Fi, GPS, and 3G in one device.

Though clearly the spiritual successor to the Black Berry 8800, the leather battery door introduced a great feeling of luxury, and the larger keyboard afforded easier typing. The Black Berry Bold 9000 was released in August 2008 with a new version of the operating system, 4.5.

This 101 will cover a good deal (but certainly not all) of the most common errors Black Berry users encounter. The most common "cure all" to all devices is the battery pull.

Like chicken soup is to the soul, the battery pull can solve many of the problems users encounter, such as application errors, theme problems, data problems and more.

Most times they turn to Google (repeat troubleshooters head straight to Crack! In hopes of making Black Berry users more independent, this lesson should help you diagnose your own problems, and take some steps in attempt to resurrect your issues on your own.