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I was immediately disappointed because the picture and audio were not what I was hoping for.

THEN I realized I was trusting LG's default factory settings. I have a hard time seeing the difference between many HD discs (both formats) and the SD version. Seriously, there are a few discs where HD makes a real difference--titles like "Planet Earth" and "Bladerunner", but I'm happy with the upconverted SD versions on most. There is a little pause while the unit figures out what kind of disc you've fed it, but it's nothing extraordinary.

Once I got into the Setup menus and upped the brightness and adjusted the color, I had a crystal clear picture (on my LG LCD widescreen) and great audio through my Onkyo home theater system. It fast forwards from scene to scene rather quickly. I save space, need fewer HDMI and optical connections, and get great reproduction!

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I've had it for some time and recently come across a small problem. Once this has done, I get an on-screen message saying "Download complete. Because instead of downloading the new firmware update, I get a message telling me I'm currently on the old software update (BH02100330A). But it's the same update I just downloaded before the machine automatically switched itself off! I'm in the UK so can't send it to LG because it's out America. I bought it in 2011 year and does not have any updates. When I uncli..been a while since i updated my HRT MS2's firmware download from the official current version is V2.4when i download the firmware package from the official site in a zip file, the latest version in there is still V2.4did High Resolution Technologies completely stopped making fir...

The problem being it doesn't seem to want to download new firmware updates. It checks for updates and has found one - BH02100401A. The same firmware update it told me had just downloaded.

Run the CD/DVD burning software, and select the [CD Data] or the [Burn DVD Data] option on the program.3.

Write the firmware update file(s) in the root directly of CD/DVD.

No more headache and no more countless hours looking for help in hardware manufacturer sites.