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With each new game, contestants manage to disqualify themselves in increasingly idiotic ways: by not understanding the challenge to begin with, by injuring their opponents (or allies), or most commonly, because they're sleeping with the other team. After each season, several contestants got their own reality dating shows, contestants of which ended up in new backstage drama.

Specifically, one of the contestants was found dead in an apparent suicide after having possibly strangled his wife of six months to death.

For general tropes about the contestants, please see the pages for their respective shows.

This time last year, 51Minds and VH1 seemed to have a winning formula for taking people anxious to be seen on television, putting them in an enclosed space, plying them with drink, putting them in situations guaranteed to ensure varying degrees of humiliation (often for the ostensible purpose of finding "love"), and filming the entire thing.

From battling with giant boxing gloves in a ring, suspended high above the ocean, to competing in a Big Boob Triathlon, to diving in an enormous mud pit in search of gold coins, the action and insanity is like never seen before.

Back again to guide these money hungry contestants is host Craig J. However it is not Craig that decides who goes home -- the power is in the contestants' own hands. And, once again, love interests will spark up and burn out faster than a match, under the powerful lure of money.

He apparently did well enough on that show that he was immediately cast in the third installment of I Love Money. We might never know, because VH1 has said they won't air. Jenkins went on the run and eventually committed suicide.