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We now issue most of our catalogues on line rather than by mail. Clear, close, original 8 x 10 press photo shows excellent detail as Secretary of the Treasury Henry Morgenthau, Jr. Harry Hammond, Commandant of the Coast Guard, inspect the first of a fleet of Chance Vaught Pursuit-type planes destined for use in patrolling the U. Photo is b/w and includes date and description on back. Clear, close view, great detail of early Coast Guard crew and uniform, etc. notes that: It was at Section Base 7, located at Gloucester, Massachusetts that LCDR Carl Von Paulson, a Coast Guard Aviator and the Commanding Officer, approached LCDR Stephen S. Following a refit, the bear left Boston in 1933 under the command of Lieutenant (j.g.) Robert A. She took part in the capture of the Norwegian trawler Buskoe, which had been fitted out by the Germans to transmit weather reports and information on Allied ship movements. maximum draft; 16500lbs.; single gasoline engine of various makes and models with single propeller; maximum speed 24-25kts.; 240gal. NAS Richmond ceased operations in November, 1945 with portions of the facility becoming a University of Miami South Campus and the Miami Metrozoo.

This allows us to issue more catalogues and feature more items, with better photos and descriptions. Coast Guard small boat historian Tim Dring notes: Assuming that the date on the photo is correct and reflects the actual date when that MLB was in New York Harbor, the best guess that I have for the boat itself is that it was No. That boat was completed at Curtis Bay on 3 April 1931, so an arrival in NY on the 15th would have been feasible given the boats likely northbound transit speed. Yeandle, aide to Commandant Billard, with the idea of utilizing aircraft to search and locate both blacks [The large smuggling ships were referred to as Blacks because they operated without running lights] and small boats making a run for shore. Soon her days of active service would draw to a close. fuel; 175 nautical mile range at cruise speed; capacity for 2 crew plus 10 passengers; wooden hull of single-planked carvel construction; hull was ice-sheathed if intended for assignment to an area where ice could be encountered. Three photos, 8 x 10, show great detail of the men and equipment in the station radio and equipment rooms. Other areas of the base were utilized by the Army, Navy and Coast Guard as communications facilities (shown here).

Mojave was a 240-foot Tampa-class Coast Guard Cutter in commission from 1921 until 1947. Great detail of the type of vehicle in use at the time. Although the Bear was getting on in years now, in the early 1930s, the famed Arctic explorer, Admiral Richard E. government ordered a massive buildup in military facilities. NSGA Richmond was located at the Coast Guard Radio Station (RADSTA), on the Richmond site.

Photo is b/w and includes date and description on back. Clear, close view, great detail of early Coast Guard aircraft. After battling ice floes and raging seas of the Arctic, the Mojave crew was able to land supplies for the 200 famishes dwellers at Teller Alaska. Photo was for the York-Hoover Body Corp., in York, Pa., who manufactured the panel body. In early 1930s Admiral Byrd purchased the Bear for $1050, refitting her for an Antarctic expedition. For the duration of the war she served under the U. In 1929 the Bear was decommissioned and turned over to the city of Oakland, California, for use as a maritime museum, and it was at this time that she served as the set for the filming of Jack London's "Sea Wolf".

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