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Finally, John Candy, Catherine O'Hara and Dave Thomas all make guest appearances.

While somewhat less consistent than previous series, there are still plenty of great moments, including credible outings by Vic Arpeggio, Jackie Rogers Jr.

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Series 6 Director: John Blanchard; additional segments, second unit John Bell, Don Mc Cutcheon, Paul Flaherty Writers: Dick Blasucci, Paul Flaherty, John Mc Andrew, Bob Dolman, Mike Short, David Flaherty, John Hemphill with Doug Steckler (12-18), Judith Kahan (2-6), Valri Bromfield (1-4, 6) Producers: Andrew Alexander, Patrick Whitley 1 (118) Maudlin O' the Night 2 (119) Gimme Jackie / Australia 3 (120) It's a Wonderful Film 4 (121) The Date Debate / Scary Previews 5 (122) You're On / Das Boobs 6 (123) Stars In One: Bob Hope / Happy Hour 7 (124) Stalag SCTV 8 (125) Diary of a Female Person / Happy Hour 9 (126) Just For Fun / Black Like Vic 10 (127) Youth, Do They Give a Damn or What?