Amerie dating

The fashion was some of the best I’ve seen at an awards show this year, especially because the women were not afraid to wear something other than the typical dress and heel.

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They continued their relationship while Amerie recorded her second album, Touch.

On March 1, 2010, it was officially announced that Amerie and Nicholson were engaged.

), Beyonce with a perma-smile, doing her best to look like she doesn't want to go up there and correct their dance moves, Michelle Williams openly weeping at Patti La Belle, Usher crooning "Cater 2 U," etc.

It's a time capsule all wrapped up in one quick awards show segment. Beyonce's 6 Best Performances of the Hit All that, plus Solange introduces Destiny's Child, and the announcer actually refers to her as "Beyonce's little sister." That certainly doesn't seem like a breeding ground for a complex!

Just like we screamed for ice cream, we all loved Keith Sweat.