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The following articles deal with the messy reality of love, sex, dating, and marriage. Sex, lies, and hook-up culture Don't believe all your friends tell you about sleeping around. Take advantage of what the church offers engaged couples, even if your path to the altar doesn't follow the ideal. You might want to listen to the church's time-tested teachings. Check out our marriage section for more articles on maintaining a happy, loving relationship.

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It is much easier to say, "Sure, that's fine with me," when there are no children.

But when the children do come along and the dynamic of living life with children growing up becomes a reality, he might have a different feeling at that time.

Women may meet a lot of guys who aren't "the one" before finally finding their husband.

Q: Your husband’s last blog How to Take a Girl on a Real Date had great advice for guys, but what about the other way around? He says if they do this then they will never have a bad date.

In a lot of the advice books I've read, the authors won't often open up and show what they went through.